Mikhail O. Son

  Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (junior researcher)


Date and place of birth: 22 jan.1983, Odessa, Ukraine

Phone (work): +38 0482 220881

Fax: +38 0482 250918.





Engineer (2nd category).

Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)

37 Pushkinskaya str, Odessa 65011, Ukraine


Junior researcher.

Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)

37 Pushkinskaya str, Odessa 65011, Ukraine





Bachelor (Biology). Mechnikovs Odessa National University, Ukraine.


MSc (Biology). Mechnikovs Odessa National University, Ukraine.

Supervisors: Prof. V.D. Sevastyanov & Ass. A.V. Tchernyavsky

Masters thesis: Fauna and taxonomy of Mollusca of river deltas and lagoons (Right Banks Ukraine).


Post-graduate student. Odessa Odessa Branch Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas.

Supervisor: Dr. S.E. Dyatlov.




2002. Danube Biosphere Reserve, NASU.




Biological invasions.

Biogeography, fauna, taxonomy and ecology of water and land molluscs.

Ponto-Caspian relicts: taxonomy, ecology, biogeography and range of expansion.

Fauna of molluscs as indicator of global climate changes.




European inland water.




Two navigable marine expeditions:

2003. Zmeiny Island, NW part of Black Sea (Hydrological ship Cyclon).

2005. North-West part of Black Sea (Research ship Sprut).




Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Read in Latin, Romanian and most of Slavic languages.




Since 2002 up to 2008 more than 50 scientific publications:

Most important publications:

(full list with original title on the russian version)


Articles and notes

Son M. O., Nabozhenko M. V., Shokhin I. V. The Don River Basin is a new stage of expansion of Potamopyrgus jenkinsi (Smith, 1889) (Gastropoda, Hydrobioidea) in Europe // Doklady Biological Sciences. 2008. 419. P. 129130. (PDF)

Son M. O. North American freshwater limpet Ferrissia fragilis (Tryon, 1863) the cryptic invader in the Northern Black Sea Region // Aquat. invasions.   2007. 2, № 1.   P. 55-58. (PDF)

Son M. O. Native range of the zebra mussel and quagga mussel and new data on their invasions within the Ponto-Caspian Region // Aquat. invasions.   2007. 2, № 3. P. 174-184. (PDF)

Son M.O. Invasive mollusks (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Gastropoda) in the Danube Delta. // Vestnik zool. 2007. 41, 3. P. 213-218. (in Russian) (PDF)

Aleksandrov B., Boltachev A., Kharchenko T., Lyashenko A., Son M., Tsarenko P., Zhukinsky V. Trends of aquatic alien species invasion in Ukraine // Aquat. invasions.   2007. 2, № 3. P. 215-242. (PDF)

Son M. O. New finding of Lymnaea pachyta (Pulmonata, Lymnaeidae) // Vestnik zool. 2004. 38, N. 6. P. 76 (in Russian)


Son M. O. New Record of Tandonia kusceri (Pulmonata, Milacidae) in Ukraine // Vestnik zool. 2004. 38, N. 6. P. 76 (in Russian)


Voloshkevitch E.V., Son M.O. Corbicula fluminalis a new species of bivalve mollusk for Ukrainian fauna // Vestnik zool. 2002. 36, N. 6. P. 94 (in Russian).



Son M. O. Invasive molluscs in fresh and brackish waters of the Northern Black Sea Region Odessa. Druk LTD, 2007. - 132 p (in Russian)


Branches in book Fauna, ecology and intraspecific variability of land molluscs in the urbanized environment. Lvov, 2006:


Kramarenko S. S., Son M.O., Shklyaruk A. N. Urban malacocomplexes in the North-Western Black Sea Region, P. 24-27.


Son M.O. Habitat of land molluscs in Odessa, P. 27-31.


Sverlova N. V., Son M.O. Introduced molluscs and their place in the urban malacocoenoses, P.42-59.




Son M. O. Water pollution accidents and spread of invasive Asian Clam Corbicula (Mollusca: Bivalvia): the Rhine script is repeat in the Danube? // Ecologo-faunistichni osoblyvosti vodnyh ta nazemnyh ecosistem. Lviv, 2008. P. 219-220.


Gasso V., Novitsky R., Afanasyev S., Son M. Research priorities for freshwater biodiversity in Ukraine // Water for Life: Research priorities for sustaining freshwater biodiversity. Slovenian EPBRS Meeting. Brdo, 16 18 1.2008. P. 78.


Panov VE, Alexandrov B., Arbaciauskas K., Grabowski M., Leuven R. S.E.W., Mastitsky S., Minchin D., Nehring S., Olenin S., Paunović M., Semenchenko V., Son M. Biological invasions via European inland waterways: towards development of the risk assessment tool // Risk Assessment in European River Basins State of the Art and Future Challenges. Leipzig: Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, 2007. P. 59-62.


Son M.O. Problem of alien molluscs in the small streams of the Azov-Black Sea Basin // IX Sjezd Gidrobiologicheskogo obschestva RAN. Vol. II. Tolyatti, 2006. P. 164. (in Russian).


Son M. O. Molluscs of genus Theodoxus Montfort, 1810 (Gastropoda, Neritidae) of Ukrainian Black Sea Coast and hypothesis of its descent in Black Sea bays // Molluscs, Quaternary, faunal changes and environmental dynamics. Symposium on occasion of 80th birthdays of Vojen Lozek. Prague, 25-28 July 2005. P. 31.


Son M.O. Alien molluscs on the Ukrainian area: sources and directions of invasion // Alien species in Holarctic (Borok-2). Book of abstracts. Rybinsk, 2005. P. 119-120 (in Russian).


 Son M.O. Mollusks-invaders of Asian origin in estuarial ecosystems of Kylian Danube Delta // Evolyutciya morskih ekosistem pod vliyaniyem vselentcev i iskusstvennoy smertnosti fauny. Rostov-on-Don, 2003. P. 130-131 (in Russian).


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